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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> this is the -- it is 3:51,
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october 27. thank you, madam clerk, for being here. colleagues, thank you. could you please read the agenda? >> sure. i would like to make an announcement to turn off the volume of your cell phones. completed speaker cards and copies of documents will be included, and documents must be submitted to the court. item number one, hearing to review and update on the initial education-related expenditures stemming from the core community benefits agreement. supervisor cohen: thank you very much. earlier this year, we've heard the proposal presented to us by a group of community members that took the leadership and initiative to provide instruction for summer school
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for san francisco unified school district. we will hear a brief summary of the finding. the first person i would like to call up our believe is -- oh, ok. we will call up pastor alexander. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is reverend alexander and i'm one of the leaders of the project. i would like to welcome this opportunity to be before your again, this time in response to a request for an update on the initial education and related expenditures and the success of our summer academic program. for the next few moments, you will hear and see from our colleagues and service providers information related to the success of the overall project. it does mean a great privilege as well as an honor to introduce miss phillips. she will share briefly on the
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success of the overall project, and after that, you will be in the hands of mr. walter. >> good afternoon. my name is jacqueline phillips. i'm a member of the bay view hunters point community. we had two summer youth programs going this summer, one for the ninth graders, and one for the young adults, 18-25. both programs were a great success. we had a picnic just past weekend, and we allowed the participants to speak, to give their thoughts on the program. it was very heartwarming to hear the younger people speak, how it made a major difference to them to get extra help and to be able to pass courses. what was very impressive was the 18-25 group also. we had a young man stand and say
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how the person he worked with, the employer he worked with, had "certain things to him that he remembered. he applied them to his life. he said he would never forget these quotes. he was a 25-year-old. being in this program and being able to work for wages made a lot of difference to him to the point that when these young people spoke, it made all the difference that these programs were a success, not just on paper, but you could actually see and feel they were feeling. my understanding is there were four youth actually hired on the spot. i think it was 70 out of 74 or 75 of the younger people who had passing grades, and when they entered the program, they had
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failing grade. that is why i say it was a great success. now, one of the things that we need to work on, there were complaints that it was too short. six weeks was not enough time, and once we have employment, of course, once they got into working come after six weeks, it was over. we need to have something in place so the youth who need further to drink throughout the year, they can also get that through the school year. to those for it is -- to those where it is working, all the skills they need to know to have a job, to cut them off after six weeks, that was their main concern. they need to follow up the summer program so that they will have a year-long time to be stronger in their skills and carry that somewhere else. again, both programs were a success. we enjoyed them and they enjoyed
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us. thank you. supervisor cohen: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors and commissioners. i'm the executive director of young community developers. i'm going to present information from the summer academic program we provided for district 10 youth. i'm going to need the screen. >> you have a power point presentation? there we go. thank you. >> basically, first, this talks about our mission. the bottom line is, we just want to make sure we get the community working, a big emphasis in the southeast sector. we're working to provide jobs for individuals within san francisco in general. the summer academic program was
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set up for ninth grade students and summer school, or originally. at the beginning of the program, we also allowed some district 10 youth from philip burton's high school, as well as recovery programs, to participate as well. the program had 9th through 12th graders. some of them identified as 10th graders. students came from lowe, balboa -- they all came to the elbow over the summer. the program was designed where we had an hour of the epidemic tutorial every day, monday through friday, as well as life skills and job training for individuals as well. tutors were in the classroom during the day at blaboa -- balboa with the teachers.
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it was an enhancement of what was going on during the school. they could burn up to a $599 stipend for completion of program attendants and four their -- for their work they're doing during the day. we had a couple of field trips, one to the mission bay campus, as well as a fun day to close out the program at great america. we provided gift cards. we fed youth every day. we made sure we had everything they wanted to have so they would be continued to be motivated. real excited about the fact they got on from other high schools to come to balboa every day. that shows a lot about their motivation to be successful. at the end, each provided a portfolio that included a cover
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letter, resume, as well as an essay that talked about how learning relate to employment. also, they were able to have a project-based learning experience. they planned a summit during the five-week duration. the summit had taken place toward the end of the summer. members of the school board were present as well as superintendent carlos garcia. youth had the opportunity to ask questions to the panel as well as provide their thoughts and insights on what they feel about school and how it is here in the district. they did a good job putting this together. this is something we will actually continue with the program during the school year. this is just an outline of what they did each week. beginning week was outreach. then we started with the actual tutorial and presentation. a lot of learning activities and games to enhance the algebra and the englh


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